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Treasures of Atlantis



Game Description

Treasures of Atlantis is a colorful match game. Slide, connect, destroy. For each row of gems, you are able to line up with a matching color of colored gems will result in one of those lines disappearing. As one row of colored gems disappears the remaining gems will be forced to move around and fall into place, when they do this they might now be matching gems which will also disappear. This is called a combo, baby, and it will go on and on as long as you play. Gem matching games aren't just a puzzle game where you line up gems of the same shape and color in order to score points. Gem games are also games where you can line up combos and gain multipliers for every additional set of gems you cause to line up by first lining up your initial set. It's the ultimate in point mining via combinations. And why shouldn't it be? Gem games are classic games for a reason. The kind of low barrier to entry but a high level of skill required to make any real progress. Is this game easy to learn? Yes. Impossible to master? Also yes.


Please use the mouse to select and the left mouse button to click on slide the various rows of gems you feel should be selected and slidden.

Treasures of Atlantis Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateJun 27, 2019
DeveloperNeon Games

43273 plays


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