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Totem Destroyer



Game Description

Totem Destroyer is a free puzzle game. Worship of the golden idol is held paramount above all other things. It is only ever to be placed high above everyone else in a show of honor and respect. When the time comes to tear down the great idols supporting totem, you must do it with the grace and honor befitting a god. With discretion and forethought please use your mouse to select and destroy the various geometric logs which are used to prop up the idol. While eliminating the old and inferior geometric logs, you are still responsible for making sure the idol remains upright. Though the idol may falter and fall it is imperative you never let its tumble reach the ground or its head touch the grass. This is all we ask of you. Strategically remove the unusable logs and keep the idols head held high. The work of an acolyte such as yourself is never done and you will truly never be rewarded for your labors, but perhaps there is more to life than the pithy satisfaction of riches or the admiration of your peers. Perhaps in life, it is the work that is its own reward. Perhaps the labour will set you free.


Use your mouse to navigate the screen, select blocks, click and eradicate them. Do so in a strategic manner to make sure the golden idol is always supported and never hits thee ground.

Totem Destroyer Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateJul 11, 2008

1744571 plays


over 3 years ago

yay!.. i actually finished!


over 3 years ago

yay i beat it woot best game eva


over 3 years ago



over 3 years ago

wow.pretty great


over 3 years ago

wow i beat it!?!?!? the last level is hard!

Ninja Noob

over 3 years ago

woot beat it!!!! its still flippin sweet


over 3 years ago



over 3 years ago

whee look at the totem fall!!!


over 3 years ago

very puzzling


over 3 years ago

very great game. love it.