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The Hacker



Game Description

The Hacker is a free puzzle game. Put your digital infiltration skills to the test with this hacking puzzle game. Agent 847, it’s your first day on the job, so you’ll have to spend some time getting used to the hacker lifestyle. That includes accessing remote computers, getting their IP, accessing their passwords. Once you have those, it’s just a matter of figuring the correct one by eliminating the password one-by-one, and then you’re in! And that’s only the beginning of the Hacker Game.


Use your keyboard to, well, hack. Just enter the desired command, and then hit enter. The game will walk you through the basic steps, but once the “game” actually begins, you’ll need to deduce exactly how to perform the tasks at hand, and some of them can be a little tricky to figure out. Don’t be ashamed to consult the help of a walkthrough.

The Hacker Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateMay 21, 2010
DeveloperDP Flashes

4634009 plays


almost 5 years ago

ugh i wish there was more or a better version of this


about 5 years ago

Just the one level?


about 5 years ago


Hide Man

over 5 years ago

~~ so easy... I want more.


over 5 years ago

wish they had more hacking games!


over 5 years ago

where is the sequel!!!!!


over 5 years ago

whats the first code

kiara 12

over 5 years ago

what's the code for the first one?


over 5 years ago

what do you do after you get the passwords?


over 5 years ago

what do you do after it gives you the passwords?