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Game Description

Seajong is an online mahjong game based on the ocean. The tiles are decorated with creatures of the ocean. There are sea horses, eels, jellyfishes, and various other fishes. There are also corals, algae, seaweed, and various plants. The cute tiles are set against an ocean background to go with the theme! There are 50 levels in this sea-inspired mahjong game. Each level has its own pattern with its own challenge for you to solve. Pay attention to tiles that light up, as a twist, sometimes the tiles will change their icons creating even more of a challenge. React quickly by clicking on the pairs before the tiles change. Submit your score to see where you stand against other mahjong players. Only the top players will make the final high scores list!


To play this mahjong game, click on two matching and free tiles. A free tile is one that is not covered by another tile or has at least one side (right or left) free. You can use the shuffle option on the lower right-hand panel. This will lower your score though. Also in the same section, you will find an eye that you can click on to easily find all the free tiles with more ease.

Seajong Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateAug 26, 2021
DeveloperNeon Games

10073 plays


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