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Neon Minesweeper



Game Description

Neon Minesweeper is a puzzle game based on the classic. This online game is always fun to play, but in this case, you are up against the computer! Find all the bombs before your AI opponent does, and don’t make a mistake! There are three levels to this game: easy, medium, and hard. The more difficult the level you select, the harder it will be to fine the mines. Click on a box and if there is no mine, you may see a number. The number lets you know how many adjacent mines are next to that box. Use the clue along with other boxes to find all the mines. Play a newly generated game every day and see if you can beat the computer!


To play this puzzle game, click on a square and hope for the best. Once the game gets started, it will get easier. If you happen to find a square with no bomb, it will give you a hint as to where it is. Click once on a spot to see surrounding mines. Click twice on the spot if you believe a mine is there, and the game will confirm it. Your score and the computer’s score will be available in the lefthand panel.

Neon Minesweeper Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateJul 8, 2021
DeveloperNeon Games

14064 plays


about 2 years ago

I hate this game.worst game ever.