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Math Slither



Game Description

Math Slither is a math game in a world full of slithering worms! Navigate through this whimsical universe where worms are eager to eat math solutions in order to grow bigger. All around you will find numbers that could possibly be the answer to your problem. Make sure to only guide your worm to the correct answer. Wrong answers will cause you to shrink! Avoid running into other worms because they will just eat you up! There are several math skills you can practice ranging from preschool to the eighth grade. You can practice simple skills like addition and subtraction or you can study more complicated problems like decimals and fractions. This online math game is designed to both be fun and educational.


To play this educational game, use your mouse or finger to navigate through the screen. Look at the math question on the screen, and guide your worm character to the correct answer. The more correct answers it eats, the longer it will grow. Ideally, you want to grow as fast and big as you can with every new game. If you eat the wrong answer your worm will shrink. If you eat too many wrong answers or you run into another worm, your game will be reset.

Math Slither Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateJul 22, 2021
DeveloperMath Games

32846 plays


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