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Math Hunter



Game Description

Math Hunter is an educational game mixed with an action matching game. Dragons have taken over the village and it is your job to capture them. However, you only capture them in matching groups. Use your finger or mouse to draw a line matching the same color and kind of dragon. The more you can match the better your score. You will see dragons of all different colors and shapes. Some are big and slow, and others small and fast. You will have lots of fun capturing the dragons as a break in between your math sessions. For the math portion, you can practice all kinds of math skills like counting, decimals, division, and even geometry! This is a great way to balance out both your gaming skills and your math skills! So check out this math game for your math skill needs. 


To play this action game, use your finger or mouse to draw a line through the matching dragons. Watch the timer at the top of the game. For every match, you will be allotted more time. To play the educational part of this game, select your grade and skill. Answer 5 questions correctly in order to unlock another game session. Note that you can always change your skill if you feel you’ve mastered it or just need a break from it.

Math Hunter Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateJul 1, 2021
DeveloperMath Games

5572 plays


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