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Match The Animal



Game Description

Match the Animal is a free matching game. We all love animals and we all love our inherent ability to recognize similarities in icons and then connect them via a line. It is this ability that has allowed our species to become the most dominant creature on the planet and create games where we abstract natural selection into a very literal and specific cartoon game instead of fighting for our lives in the wild. Match the Animal is a game where you will be dazzled by an array of different animals splayed out in a random pattern. Your job is to step up and connects the lines between the animals that are thesame. Here is a hint, the line will always be a straight one. Anyway, this is a game of skill. There is no real luck in this game unless you randomly start drawing lines between animals. Or actually, in that situation, you have like a one in eight chance of coincidentally connecting at least one animal. The odds aren't impossible but they aren't good and really that isn't fun that is not how games are played and it is not why games are played.


On your desktop computer please use your mouse to point and click on one animal and then drag that line to the other animal that matches it. On your mobile device please use your finger to tap on an animal and then drag your finger to the matching animal.

Match The Animal Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateNov 4, 2021

14114 plays


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