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Look Look



Game Description

Look Look is a puzzle game where you get to match cute cat tiles! There are cats dressed in adorable outfits from hard-working jobs for you to match. The game is set against adorable backgrounds with uplifting music. There are cats dressed as nurses and cats dressed up as cops. This is a quick and easy game for you to play to destress from your day. There are 3 levels of this game for you to enjoy and solve. The objective is simple: Click on one card and then click on the matching one. Each card is turned upside down and you can turn over 2 at a time. Try your best to memorize where each card is to better your chances of solving the level faster. This is a timed game so look back at the clock in the righthand column to make sure you’re not running low. Test your memory with this fun game where you get to match together pictures of cats in costumes!


To play this puzzle game, simply start clicking on the card to find 2 matching pairs. At the end of the game, submit your score to see if you rank with the other high scorers for this puzzle game.

Look Look Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateJul 30, 2020
DeveloperNeon Games

12483 plays


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