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Game Description

Keyholder is a free puzzle game. Somewhere within the stone walls of this sullen dungeon and beyond the treasure chests hidden throughout its twisting tunnels waits a prize. Remember, you're not trapped in this dungeon --far from it-- you're here on a mission and you won't leave until you get what you came for! Puzzle your way through a series of increasingly difficult mazes which require you to find your way to colored keys and match them to their like-colored locks. Each level contains a series of keys and locks which must be resolved one after the other in the correct order if you wish to complete the level and get to the next one. The levels are easy at first but soon you'll find yourself confused by the order you are supposed to unlock everything. It will involve the strategic moving of keys too and fro as you try to unlock the secret of the dungeon. What wisdom is within its lonely walls? What prize might be perched upon its stony floors? Only you and your smarts have what it takes to figure it out as you select, slide, and drag your way to the final level.


On your desktop computer please use your mouse to point on and click the various colored keys. Your job is to drag or push those colored keys onto the squares featuring the like-colored lock. There is a correct order in which the keys must be moved and manipulated, you must unlock all locks in order to finish a level and you must finish all levels in order to complete the game.

Keyholder Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateDec 30, 2021

12841 plays


over 2 years ago