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Honey Bee



Game Description

Honey Bee is a puzzle game where you must find the hidden honeycomb hole. Honey bees love to create their combs where they store their delicious honey. Each game has a cute and bright background with a happy bee watching you play. Search through this honeycomb to find the colored hole that matches the one in the top right corner. If the hole is white, then you are nowhere near the target. Colored ones will lead you to the right hole. There are 30 levels to this color-themed game for you to play. Each game is timed with a limited amount of moves. Run out of time or use too many moves and you lose the game. If you want to reset the game, look to the lower right corner for your game options. Submit your score to see if you land on the list with the best Honey Bee players!


To play this puzzle game, try to find the location of the colored cell or cells by combining the visual hints. Look to the upper right-hand corner to find the color or colors you need to match. The closer you are to the correct color, the closer your hints will look like the color you are looking for.

Honey Bee Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateOct 21, 2020
DeveloperNeon Games

20698 plays


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