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Halloween Tetris



Game Description

Halloween Tetris is a free Halloween game. This is Halloween and that means this is Tetris. Halloween Tetris is a game that has been played throughout the ages and around the world. You may have never played it but that is because it is a secret wrapped in a mystery. Halloween Tetris is very similar to the way normal Tetris is played but with one key difference: In Halloween Tetris, the Tetris blocks themselves are made out of neon voodoo skulls, ghost faces, and the brains of ghouls. The different ghoul faces are also color coordinated to the shapes that they are forced into, it's kind of cool and kind of terrifying. This is why it is Halloween Tetris and not just normal Tetris. It would honestly be weird if this was normal Tetris. In this version of Tetris, you are trying to survive as long as you possibly can and the board is bigger than normal. At first, this allows you to blast through the different puzzles extremely fast, however you eventually begin to realize the blocks are coming faster now, faster and faster. And now you are trapped with the ghost skulls falling and the unvanquished skulls beneath you.


On your desktop computer use your Arrow Pad to change the direction of the shapes. On your mobile device please use your finger to swipe and turn the blocks.

Halloween Tetris Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateOct 28, 2021

30549 plays

Perforated Bovine

about 2 years ago

Now that I have played it, here is a review of the game itself. It's a pleasant but trivial skin of a poorly implemented copy of the original game. Key repeat works for drop but not for other keys. There is no way to turn off brief repeating music, which erodes the music's charm quickly. The game area has poorly delineated edges, meaning one only knows the location of left and right edges by trial and error. It smacks of being a class project - as a class project I'd expect a decent grade but by no means a stellar grade. If this is a legitimate attempt to implement Tetris, it is notably inferior. Key repeat should be consistent, rotation should be allowed in both directions, the edges need to be clear, the interface needs at least basic preferences such as turning off the music.


over 2 years ago

it astounds me that AG allows such garbage games to be posted


over 2 years ago

iw as so cscared that was scary but i have nbeen ascareder of thbe tereterics