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Game Description

Frostwing is a free desktop puzzle game. Meet Frostwing, the cutest penguin on this side of the North Pole. Frostwing is a magical, mischievous penguin who has lost there way and needs your help to get him back home. The world of Frostwing is that of devious and exhilarating platform-based puzzles and it is up to you and you alone to figure them out and help Frostwing make it back to their igloo palace of solid ice. In this platform puzzle game you can only move left or right and jump up. You must also use your mouse to manipulate the platforms, blocks, and sliding obstacles that stand in front of Frostwing. This is a challenging three-dimensional puzzle game that will require lots of trial and error before you are able to actually get Frostwing to their frozen home.

Some of the puzzle elements will require you to move or shift the blocks in real-time as you also guide Frostwing. Some require you to figure out the puzzle before you move Frostwing. It is up to you to figure out the best path forward at this trying time.


Use the Arrow Pad or W,A,S,D pad in order to move Frost Wing left, right or jump Use the mouse to choose and slide the various blocks and obstacles in the game.

Frostwing Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateApr 2, 2020
DeveloperDiemorth Games

17739 plays


about 4 years ago



about 4 years ago

good game (thumb up)