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Even More Capitals Of The World Level



Game Description

Even More Capitals of the World is a geography game that will help you learn all the capitals of the world. Whether you are a geography geek or you need to study for that big geography test, this map game will help retrain your brain. Tokyo, Japan, Bangkok, and Buenos Aires are just a few of the capitals that you will need to memorize to beat this game. There are 3 levels and every level has 30 questions. Answer all 60 questions and try your best to keep your points. This is an educational game so even when you lose you are winning. The map game will let you know the correct answers which will help you memorize all of the capitals of the world. 


To play this map game, click on the game to play, and answer the prompted question. If you get it wrong, the area will flash red and tell you the name of the capital you selected. Get the answer wrong 3 times, and the game will flash the right answer in green. Select the right answer, and keep going! You start off with 100 points but you lose them with every wrong answer. Use the plus and minus buttons in the upper left corner to zoom in for some of the tinier areas.

Even More Capitals Of The World Level Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateApr 1, 2021
DeveloperPlay Geography

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