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Escaping the Prison



Game Description

Escaping the Prison is a free puzzle game. It's a bum rap. Somebody sold you up the river and you were sentenced to more time in prison than you've even been alive. It doesn't seem right that a fellow ought to be locked up longer than he's been on Earth. Where is the justice in that? Someone has to pay and that someone shouldn't be you. Furious with the inequities of the criminal justice system you have formulated a plan: you will escape, you will prove your innocence and you will figure out who wronged you. Easier said than done of course. But if anyone can do it, it's you. It'll be hard, it'll take a lot of trial and error and you'll be forced to reconcile with your own past mistakes as well as puzzling out the subtleties of various different obstacles. This is a point and click choose your own adventure game that goes heavy on the story and has a lot of different endings and routes it can go before you finally figure it out and make it to the end. Pay attention to the clues, interrogate every crime scene. You were already found guilty once and you can't be found guilty again! This is your time to shine. Your time to prove yourself to a jury of your peers and indeed the whole world watching at home.


This is a choose your own adventure type puzzle game where the player will be offered a variety of choices and must use their keen sense of observation, imagination, pattern recognition and maybe a little luck in order to break themselves out of prison and find the real killers. Please use your mouse to click on and through the in game menus.

Escaping the Prison Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateOct 2, 2013
DeveloperStickPage Games

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almost 4 years ago

cool game


over 4 years ago

i love it its very fun and challenging!


over 4 years ago

How do you download these games?


over 4 years ago

Great game! Only found 2 ways to escape, but still very fun!


almost 5 years ago



over 5 years ago


lapis lazili

over 5 years ago

ya markipiler plays a lot of these games


over 5 years ago

wow cute game


over 5 years ago

whys the site so slow


over 5 years ago

who created his game? just asking