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Escape 5: The Freezer



Game Description

Escape 5: The Freezer is a free escape game and is the fifth game in the exciting series of puzzling escape games. As with most escape games of this nature—and point and click adventure games in general—it’s all about the clicking. Click everything and anything. Explore the freezer, clicking anything of interest, and many things that aren’t—just in case. Eventually, you’ll get a good sense of the environment, and can start putting the various puzzles pieces together until you start to solve the puzzles, one-by-one. Eventually, you’ll figure it all out, and you’ll successfully escape from the freezer, and you’d better do it before the time to the left of the screen expires.


In the fifth installment of the escape series, there’s no story, or motive. Just you, the freezer, and hypothermia. It’s up to you to figure out how to get out of here before your body temperature drops too low and you become just another ice cube in this freezer.

Escape 5: The Freezer Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateJun 4, 2010

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over 4 years ago

Great game.enjoy all of afro ninja's games since i was a kid.

Mr Strong

over 4 years ago

it is really good, but really hard at the same time

Dave R

almost 5 years ago

One of the few of these where everything actually makes sense.


about 5 years ago

♪ I got 1:11! Oh Yeah! Uh-Huh! Oh Yeah! ♪


about 5 years ago

yeah its weird


about 5 years ago

yeah i wouldve froze


about 5 years ago

wow 10:01 with a walkthrough


about 5 years ago

woot woot 1:53!!


about 5 years ago

wooo i did it


about 5 years ago

woo 1:45!