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Game Description

Dots is a free puzzle game. Can you beat the computer in this puzzle game? This game requires thinking ahead and trying to beat out the AI. The puzzle game is sort-of like a Tic Tac Toe or Connect4 concept. To play the game, place a line either horizontally or vertically. Your goal is to close a box and have more than the computer. When you do close a box, you have the option of closing more until you can’t anymore. Then it’s the computer’s turn. Don’t give the AI an advantage by placing three walls of a box that the AI can then finish. If you get stuck, you can select “Restart the Game” to start over. Your score is displayed in the upper-right to let you know who is winning. This puzzle game can be difficult to beat because the AI is thinking ahead and not letting itself be blocked in. However, we’re humans and we won’t let ourselves get beaten by some pesky computer! Stay ahead of the game and make sure you’re not accidentally adding three walls to any box because the AI will absolutely not miss any. It’s fast and will catch you in an error. Your goal is to get the most boxes in this puzzle game.


Use your mouse to select where you want to place the line. Be sure not to place your line anywhere that may give the AI an advantage in closing a square.

Dots Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateDec 28, 2006
DeveloperGame Gutter

12728643 plays


over 5 years ago

yusss i won '11111111111111111111111


over 5 years ago

yeah buddy!!!


over 5 years ago

yeah 62 : 2 first go!


over 5 years ago

yay!! i won!!! so much times i love tis!! <3


over 5 years ago

yay i won finally :3 its cool

Teddii Beaarr

over 5 years ago

yay i won 34 to 30!!!


over 5 years ago

yay I won


over 5 years ago

yall are some sore losers!


over 5 years ago

yaaa i win


over 5 years ago

xD I won >:)