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Don't Escape 3



Game Description

You woke up with a terrible headache, like if someone hit your head. You have no idea what happened. You're in a ship’s airlock drifting in space. The rest of the crew is probably dead, however you don't seem to be alone. Figure out what happened to the crew before it's too late!


Use the mouse to interact with the environment.

Don't Escape 3 Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateApr 6, 2016

89064 plays


over 3 years ago

wort to play


about 4 years ago

Good escape game


over 5 years ago

make a forth


over 5 years ago

good game it could be better


over 5 years ago

GREAT GAME loooovvveee itt !!!


over 5 years ago

Couldn't figure it out!


over 5 years ago

Boo this is boring


over 5 years ago

AMAZING 10/10 would play again


over 5 years ago

AMAZING 10/10 would play again


almost 8 years ago

SPOILERS: There are multiple endings, but you don't survive in any of them-- you don't want to escape. Your choices achieve one or a combination of 'The Truth', 'Decontamination', 'Lost in Space' or 'Escape Pod'. Ideally you want to decontaminate the ship, discover all of the security cam records to unlock the door to 'the truth' and then destroy the ship with you in it, so that the rescue ship doesn't ever find out what happened. My best tips are: in the Life Support room activate the Auxiliary LS. Build the Data Pad MK-II processor and combine it with your data pad. Build the portable lighter. Pour the dissolvent formula in the fire sprinkler access point, click fire sprinkler maintenance, then click the Isolation Ward to have access to that room. Really cute game, funny and eerie without being too upsetting or scary.