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Dominoes Classic



Game Description

Dominoes Classic is the online version of your favorite board game. There are three modes to play this classic domino game: original, block, and all-fives. With each mode you can adjust the difficulty level which changes how the AI plays. Dominoes is a fun board game that we use to play with friends and family. Sometimes you’re in the mood to be alone or you just want to play a quick game and don’t have anyone around. That’s where this Dominoes Classic game comes in. You can play against the AI in this online version of the classic board game while enjoying your time by yourself. You can shake things up by playing it in different modes and difficulty levels.


To play this dominoes game, select your difficulty level and the mode you want to play in. Use your mouse our finger, to drag the domino piece to the playing board. Click on the three dots, to pull up the menu where you’ll see the option to change your background, change the difficulty level, or get a hint. The game automatically saves your session which you can easily go back to if you need to pause your game. You can view your score in the righthand column during gameplay.

Dominoes Classic Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateOct 10, 2019

159606 plays

Big Baby

almost 2 years ago



over 2 years ago

i like it


over 2 years ago

luv it


almost 3 years ago

love it but I wish I can chat with the players