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Countries of South America



Game Description

Countries of South America is a geography game where you must identify the countries of South America. South America is home to amazing culture, diverse people, and beautiful rainforests. It is no wonder it is a common vacation spot for travelers. Do you know every country of South America? Play this map game to learn about the countries of South America. There are 14 countries in total that you must identify. South America has countries like French Guiana, Peru, Columbia, and Brazil. By the end of this map game, you will be an expert in knowing exactly where each one of those is. Play through the Play Geography series which covers different areas of the world! Play this online quiz game to become a geography expert or use this to study for tests at school. 


To play this map game, click play and click on the country that correlates with the name on the screen. Start off with 100 points, and lose them with every wrong answer. When you get the answer wrong, the game will let you know which country you did select so you can learn for next time. Geography is all about repetition so play, again and again, to learn about all 14 countries of South America.

Countries of South America Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateJan 28, 2021
DeveloperPlay Geography

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