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Game Description

Cactus-sama is a cute puzzle game. A cactus does not need the water the way you and I need water. A cactus can store and live off a small amount of water for a long time. In fact, some say that too much water might even be dangerous for a cactus. In this cute puzzle game, you'll have to protect your cactus from the downpour of rain by building and unbuilding a series of blocks. Use strategy to decide which blocks should appear and disappear as you guide your cactus person through the scorching desert. A terrible storm has set in and you must protect your cactus from the dangerous elements. The various different blocks are directly controlled by you and will be used to shelter your cactus from the storm clouds as well as serve as steps and platforms to help your cactus make its way around the desert. Once you have mastered the art of navigating your cactus through the desert you'll be the king cactus, and there is nothing cooler than that.


Use the W,A,S,D buttons to navigate your cactus through the desert. You can jump, lurch forward and fall back. Use your mouse to turn on or off the colored blocks. They work in series with the blue coming on at the same time and the orange activating at the same time.

Cactu-sama Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateOct 24, 2019

6862 plays


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