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Bubble Spinner 2



Game Description

Bubble Spinner 2 is the second version of Bubble Spinner which is a game we all know and love. Shoot the bubble and match it to its color to win the game. Play through more levels of fun in this cute and casual game. As you toss each ball, the blob of balls will spin around making each shot either difficult or easy. You can’t choose what color ball you get so you must get creative in how you toss them if its color isn’t close by. Take advantage of the walls and hope that you can maneuver your bubble to the right area. If it’s too hard, don’t stress, the spinning of the circle may be what you need for your next bubble. Beat the level by using as little bubbles as you can. This cute casual game is loads of fun which plays for many levels. Pay attention to the gray bubbles in the left-bottom corner. Once you use them up, the game will bombard your circle with another set of bubbles making the game even more difficult. This isn’t a stressful game, though. It’s still a casual game that you can pick up when you need to binge away your worries.


Use your mouse to aim and click to fire your bubble. Match the color of your bubble to your target to beat the game.

Bubble Spinner 2 Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateDec 18, 2018
DeveloperAddictingGames & Dead Whale

71921 plays


about 5 years ago

What a great game... just did my personal best, 9,700 ish.


over 5 years ago

yoooooooooo this game is beast!!!


over 5 years ago

yey 4040... my highest score so far


over 5 years ago

yet you spell dumB wrong...


over 5 years ago

yes new high score!


over 5 years ago



over 5 years ago

wuvvvvvvvvvvvvvs it :P add me O:)


over 5 years ago

wow dis game is COOL


over 5 years ago

whipped out all of them in 3 shots


over 5 years ago

what up guys and girl