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Animal Cubes



Game Description

Animal Cubes is an adorable and unique cube-matching game. This different take on tile-matching games that you're sure to love. There are 23 levels of this casual online game for you to solve so don't miss out! The layout is colorful with bright cubes adorned with cute animals for you to match. There's also fun music playing in the background for you to enjoy. Once you finish all the levels, submit your score to see if you're the best out there. This is a great game to play with your family or enjoy alone


Animal Cubes follows similar rules to your basic mahjong game: Click on two matching cubes that are both free. A cube is free if it has no other cube on top of it. If there are no other matches, the game will auto-shuffle. However, you have the option to manually shuffle and look for a hint through the options in the right-hand column. You'll also see options here to pause the game and turn off the sound and/or music. Above these options, you'll see a column showing your level, score, and a timer. You'll be prompted to submit your score at the end of the game if you lose or if you beat the entire game.

Animal Cubes Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateMay 30, 2019
DeveloperNeon Games

10616 plays


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