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Alchemist Symbols



Game Description

Alchemist Symbols is an amusing tile matching game based on the symbols of alchemy. Enjoy this fun jungle layout with uplifting music. Your goal is to match the tiles at 90-degree angles and pass each of the 20 levels in this game. Once you’re done, submit your score to see how you rank against other players. If you want to beat your score, you can play all 20 levels again!


To play this matching game is easy: Click two matching tiles that are connected at a 90-degree angle. Keep matching the tiles until you’ve finished that level. If you get stuck, you can click on the “?” in the lower right-hand column for a hint. This will highlight the available tiles. If there are no more matches left, you can click on the shuffle button in the same column. This will shuffle the tiles to give you new choices. You’re limited in how many times you can use both the hint and shuffle options so use them wisely. You’ll also find the options to turn off the sound and/or music and pause the game. If you need to go back to the menu, click on the pause button for the pop-up menu.

Alchemist Symbols Gameplay

Content RatingTeen+
Release DateMay 23, 2019
DeveloperNeon Games

21073 plays


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