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Mahjong Master Two



Game Description

Mahjong Master Two is a free Mahjong Game. The ancient world was a vast wasteland of conquered countries, territories, and cultures. All who fell to the swords and sandals of their unholy emperor. The lineage of their power reaches back through ancient times and some might say that the empire never ended. The background of this online game is designed with the historical architecture of the Asian world. The tiles have beautiful Asian designs with bold colors like red, green, purple, and orange. If you make an error or get stuck, you have the option to shuffle, undo, and take a hint. With each level, you get 3 of each. However, either option will lower your overall score. There are multiple levels of this online game for you to play and win! Each level has its own pattern and challenge as the game becomes more difficult. On top of differing patterns, each level is timed so you must solve each puzzle as quickly as possible. Don’t be deterred, though! Play through all the levels with the best score possible to land on our list of High Scores!


To play this mahjong game, you must select 2 matching free stones. A stone is free if it has at least one adjacent side open and it is not covered by another stone. You can find your score, level, and timer in the right-hand panel.

Mahjong Master Two Gameplay

Content RatingAll Ages
Release DateNov 18, 2021

8504 plays


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