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Biker Street



Game Description

Biker Street is a balance game. In Biker Street you are an old-timey bike enthusiast. A humble man who is simply trying to get from point A to point B. Hop on your ancient bike and see if you can balance your way to the end of the level. Watch out for rocks, hills, jumps, ramps, and the long fall after every ramp. This is a game with a deep physics engine and humbling and hard gameplay. Once you start balancing you can't stop. You literally can't stop. If you stop balancing you will fall and you will lose. Thus, it is imperative that you keep balancing and keep moving. Much like a shark. An old-timey bike enthusiast shark. You'll be upgrading various elements of your bike with the points you earn on each level. Gain fuel, energy for power, the ability to balance, and wheels with better traction. Strategize which of your upgrades you'll make first and ride it like you stole it.


Use the W,A,S,D keys in order to accelerate and balance as you go. You can also back up and ramp up as you move.

Biker Street Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateOct 17, 2019

26569 plays


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