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Alien Pyramid Solitaire



Game Description

Alien Pyramid Solitaire is a time-consuming online card game that you need to play today. This pyramid solitaire game has a cute alien and planet layout that you'll surely enjoy. The goal of the game is to add up the cards to 13. There are several levels you can play that will keep you busy. It's also an easy game to come back to later. Once you finished the level or game, don't forget to submit your score!


This alien-theme pyramid solitaire game follows your typical card rules: Click on the available card to add up the card to 13. If you don't see any good cards, click on the stack to get the next card in line. Cards to play must not be covered. In other words, when an Ace rests on a Queen, that Queen cannot be removed. Kings are discarded as single cards. Once the deck has been finished and/or no more pairs can be made, the game ends. You can find the timer, your score, and the level on the right-hand column to see how well you're doing. Below this, you'll see the options to pause the game or turn off the sound and/or music. To submit your score, follow the prompts at the end of the level.

Alien Pyramid Solitaire Gameplay

Content RatingUnrated
Release DateMay 30, 2019
DeveloperNeon Games

32670 plays


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