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Word games are games about words like crosswords, word jumbles, and hangman. Show off your spelling bee awards, typing skills, and extensive knowledge of the dictionary in these casual word games on AddictingGames.

Whizz Wordz

Whizz Words Deluxe


Ninja Hunter


Grammar Ninja

Zombie Typocalypse

QWERTY Warrior

Super Alpha Soup

Touch Typing

Hang The Alien

Creepy Crossword


Swords n Words

Alphabet Shoot

Panic Puzzle

QWERTY Warriors 2



Type and Relax

Star Fighter Duel

Jumble Word Vault


Countries Of Asia

Halloween Words

Word Games are a fun way to practice your spelling and grammar. If you've ever wondered to yourself "what are words for?" then have we got a selection of fun games for you, word games are an exciting way to learn spelling and grammar as well as show off your skills to friends, families, and strangers on the internet. Everyone uses words, so, its probably a good idea to learn how to use them right. But just because these games are educational doesn't mean they don't have to be fun. Word games can exist in all sorts of different ways. For example, our favorite game is QWERTY Warriors 2. It is a tower defense game where you must power up your weapons by typing and spelling words as fast and as accurately as you possibly can!  If you're like something a little more traditional and familiar then we also offer up games like Whizz Words Deluxe, which is a spelling game which is similar to games like scrabble but much better. There are all kinds of different ways to enjoy word games so you might as well start clicking and playing them now. After all, Whichever your favorite way of playing with words, we're pretty confident you'll find the right game for you in our word game section.