Clicker Games

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Clicker Games are elegant, fast-paced games from all genres that only require you to click. Decades worth of innovation and evolution in video games have to lead us to a gaming ecosystem where players can go back and forth between ultra-realistic 3-D simulations and extremely minimalistic idle games where all players have to do is click.

Angry Flappy Wings

Kick Ya Chop

Changer Jam

Color Frenzy

Juice Bottle

Jump Bottle

Color Circle


Impossible Rise

Emoji Jump

Circle Race

Flappybird Classic

Connect Crush

Proton V Electron

Geometry Birds

Counting Sheep

Bounce Ball

Dot and Cross

Dino Doom

Line Dash

Junk Jam

Point Adventure

Mess Up and Die

ZZZ Snake

Stair Jump

Crazy Circle

Slime Love

Tap The Rat

Neon Blitz

Slacking School


Dumb Ways To Die 3

Square Stacker

Wothan Escape


Running Jack