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Welcome to the Addicting Games Developer Community. As a member of the community, we ask that you cut your grass, refrain from burning things on Sundays and occasionally send us a game to feature. Addicting Games is the largest casual games site on any of the MANY Internets. At Addicting Games we work with a broad range of developers from across the world. How many developers, you ask? How does 1 million sound? Too high? Yeah, you're probably right. Realistically, it's in the thousands. But that's still a lot!

At Addicting Games, we enjoy building relationships with independent and professional game developers and have many ways to showcase, distribute and promote your game titles.

Developer Sponsorship

We want to get the best original games in front of as many players as possible, on as many platforms as possible.

If you want to get a game sponsored by Addicting Games, ask yourself if it meets the following criteria:

  • Is it original?

    Does your game feature some new game mechanic or twist on gameplay? If not, are you at least doing it better than similar games? We look for creativity and most of all fun! Fun doesn't need to be polished and perfect, fun can be a half-done work in progress that has everyone playing for hours. 
  • Is it a good fit for 

    There are a lot of great games that simply aren't right for our audience. Check out some of our games to get a feel for our brand. We want games that can be enjoyed by everyone, many of our players are playing from work and schools so we try not to get people fired / suspended for having little downtime playing games. 
  • Is it mobile-ready? 

    Can you easily convert the game for mobile platforms? If not, it's not a deal-breaker. But if you can, well that's like asking whether we want a tasty doughnut or a tasty doughnut with a jetpack attached to it.
  • Is it addictive errrr ADDICTING?

    Does it have that je ne sais quoi? If not, does it speak French and could it tell us what je ne sais quoi means? On the level (pun!), some of the most addicting, replayable games are the simplest. We can't pick up every game we like or every game that's kind of fun. Does your game stand out above the rest?

Please read the following instructions carefully and if you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Important requirements for HTML5 games.

  1. The game must be responsive to resizing and can display in landscape or portrait modes. We want your game to appear properly on all modern web browsers and mobile devices.
  2. Please make sure your game does not link out to any sites other than your own. If your game does link out, please declare it to us so we can evaluate as we may ask that you remove them. Advertisements also fall under this request.
  3. Make sure your games can be played on mobile devices, your control scheme should take mobile players into account.
  4. Please remove all 3rd party tracking from your games. We don't like tracking and spyware and other junk, our players don't like it either.
  5. Is your game already available elsewhere? Or is this your first time submitting a game? Please send us a link so we can try it out!


If your game runs in the Unity engine, please review our documentation to make sure you can meet the requirements to implement our API. You can find the documentation here.

If your game runs in a different development platform, please note that we are working on plug-ins for our API and will work with you to integrate our API into your game.


Once you have completed the steps above it is time to prep your game and send it to us via email. Place all of the necessary image files into a .ZIP file then send us an email and include:

  1. Title of your game
  2. Game Dimensions (800x600, for example)
  3. Any Marketing Assets
  4. A url that we can iFrame on Addicting Games. If your title is an HTML5 game, please skip this and go to step 5.
  5. A link to the archive containing all necessary game files.

If you answered yes to all of the above, well then what are you doing still reading this!? Email us at [email protected] !!!