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Celebrity Games


Bloons Tower Defense 4
Plays: 3,838


Paris Oh Paris
Plays: 311


Kiss Bieber
Plays: 180


Baseball Juiced
Plays: 105


Bieber Kisser
Plays: 61


Spank Naughty Celebs 2009 Mature Content
Plays: 50


Dress Paris in Jail
Plays: 21


Rihanna Dress Up
Plays: 17


Plays: 14


Bieber's Bash
Plays: 6

All 103 Celebrity Games
  1. 2007 Oscar Quiz
  2. Academy Trainer
  3. Adventure Time: Candy Scramble
  4. Adventure Time: Fight-o-sphere
  5. Adventure Time: Jakes Tough Break
  6. Adventure Time: Rhythm Heroes
  7. Angelegging
  8. Annoying Orange Pinball
  9. Astro Ashton
  10. Baseball Juiced
  11. Ben 10 Ultramix Unleashed
  12. Bieber Kisser
  13. Bieber Tower of Hair Defense
  14. Bieber's Bash
  15. Biebers Bash
  16. Blended: Ostrich Run
  17. Bloons Insanity
  18. Bloons Tower Defense 4
  19. Boxing
  20. Britney Spears Wedding
  21. Bush Rampage
  22. Butthead Bash
  23. Celebrity Body Scanner
  24. Celebrity Kung-Fu
  25. Celebrity Scrap Club
  26. Celebrity Smackdown
  27. Celebrity Smackdown 2
  28. Celebrity Smackdown 4
  29. Celebrity Snapshot
  30. Conor Martin's RV Mayhem
  31. Daily Diff: Pirates of the Caribbean
  32. Debt Dunk Tank
  33. Dino Dig
  34. Dino Donkey Dash
  35. Diva Days
  1. Dragon Training Legends
  2. Dragons: Wild Skies
  3. Dress Paris in Jail
  4. Election Jammer 2008
  5. Election Smackdown 2008
  6. Epic Celeb Brawl: Punch Hillary
  7. Epic Celeb Brawl: Punch The Trump
  8. Finn and Jake's Epic Quest
  9. Flying Squirrel
  10. George Lopez Lawn Art Bowling
  11. Glenn Martin DDS Dental Adventure
  12. Green Lantern: Crimson Clash
  13. Grown Ups 2 Hometown Street Racing
  14. Hatfall
  15. Hero on the Hudson
  16. High School Tower Defense
  17. Hotel Transylvania
  18. Ice Bucket
  19. Jason Mraz Tangrams
  20. Jelly Cannon
  21. Kiss Bieber
  22. LEGO Lord of the Rings
  23. Linsanity
  24. Looney Tunes: Behold the Wizard!
  25. Mix Master: Serenading Unicorn Style
  26. mkay
  27. MySims Agents
  28. NBA Shootout
  29. Ninjago: Spinjitzu Snakedown
  30. Octomom The Great Baby Rescue
  31. Palins Tea Bomber
  32. Paris Diet Secrets
  33. Paris Oh Paris
  34. Pastry Racer
  1. Pirate Shootout
  2. Poker Superstars (TM) III
  3. Poker Superstars(TM) 2
  4. Regular Show: All Nighter
  5. Regular Show: Fist Punch
  6. Regular Show: Ninja Dojo
  7. Regular Show: Park Strikers
  8. Rihanna Dress Up
  9. Royal Wedding Jigsaws
  10. Royal Wedding Run
  11. Royal Wedding Run
  12. Save the Witness
  13. schoolwork
  14. Shut Up Kanye
  15. Spank Naughty Celebs 2009
  16. Spider-Man 2: Endless Swing
  17. Splashback
  18. Star Dancing
  19. Star Trek Academy Trainer
  20. Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Live Fire
  21. The Hobbit Barrel Escape
  22. The Vampire Quiz
  23. Thunder Cats: Sword of Omens
  24. Tiger Parking Slam
  25. Total Drama: Toxic Targets
  26. Transformers: Bot Shots
  27. Trillion Dollar Bailout
  28. Urine Trouble
  29. Wheres the Naughty Governor?
  30. White House Party Crashers
  31. Winning MaSheen
  32. Winning MaSheen
  33. Year One Rock Paper Scissors
  34. Young Justice: Shadow Mission