Clicker Games

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Once you click you can't stop.

Chop Chop

Running Circle

Math Smash: Animal Rescue

Donut Slicing

Step Spots


Sticky Balls

Falling Dots Fly

Hi Lo

Pinball Madness



Slingshot VS Monsters

Quick Math

Find Color

Dangerous Danny

Redemption Slot Machine

Crazy Caves

Bubble Pop Valhalla

Math Monsters

Wacky Dungeons

Jumping Color

Flat Jewels

Math Madness

Number Frenzy

Switch Hexagon

Pirates Match 3

Shell Challenge

Block Dodger

Snow Queen 3

The Sea Rush

Christmas Math Pop

Crossy Cat

Xmas Connect

Clicker Games


What are the most popular Clicker Games?

  1. Dont Touch The Red
  2. Flappybird Classic
  3. Knife Rain
  4. Balls And Bricks
  5. Knives
  6. Slacking School
  7. Popcorn Burst
  8. Shards
  9. Candy Bubble

What are the best Clicker Games to play on phones?

  1. Gems
  2. Wacky Dungeons
  3. Gem Crush
  4. Pictile
  5. The Sea Rush

What are Clicker Games?

Clicker games are free action and puzzle games. Sometimes you just wanna game and you don't wanna think too hard about it. When you're hungry for a fast, mindless game with the least amount of input and the most amount of pay off, you may not know it but you're looking for a clicker game. A clicker game can exist in any type of genre, it can have many different kinds of mechanics, but one thing that unites them all is that they are games you can play by simply clicking on your mouse or tapping on your phone. That is not to say there aren't going to be tactical decisions to consider, and that is not to say there won't be strategic decisions to consider. It just means that when the rubber hits the road the way you'll be interacting with the game is simply by clicking. In some ways, these are reflex games but these are also action games. Sometimes you're protecting, sometimes you're attacking, and sometimes you're solving a puzzle. The one thing you can be certain of with a clicker game is that you're always having a good time so crack those knuckles, ready that finger, and get clicking.