Avoider Games

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You'd better watch out, you better not pout, just dodge the dot and win the bout.

Super Space Jump Man


Super Blue Boy Planet



Craft Raft Battle

Jumping Color

Space Miner


Cookie Chomp


Tricky Cat


Extreme Flight

Jump Monkey

Keep Gannet Alive

Pivot Dot

Gem Crush

Jelly Up

Comet Smash

Burger Toss

Gravity Control

Snow Man

Snake Rush

Flip Duck

Arctic Pong


Traffic Racer 3D

Perfect Piano

Block Crusher

Angry Flappy Wings

Marble Trap


Changer Jam

Mary Run


Avoider Games


What are the most popular Avoider Games?

  1. Flappybird Classic
  2. Math Slither
  3. Endless Roller
  4. Line Color
  5. Perfect Piano
  6. Roll Rush Extreme
  7. Bad Driver
  8. Rise Up - Level Up
  9. Mope.io
  10. Zapper.io

What are the best Avoider Games to play on phones?

  1. Jack O Copter
  2. Dojo Of Destruction
  3. Zombie Math
  4. Rise Up - Level Up
  5. Parapals

What are Avoider Games?

Avoider games are where we keep our free reflex games. Sometimes you just need some space, you want to dodge your responsibilities and avoid the people around you. We get it, that is why we made avoider games. These are our selection of games that you tapping and clicking away as you try desperately to avoid obstacles of all kinds. Whether it is poison enemies, other players who are flinging fire, falling spikes, thick blocks or a simple dot. These games will test your reflex speed and have you dodging, pivoting, and avoiding your way to victory and the top of the leader board. Sometimes winning is as simple as not touching the bad guys. It sounds simple but the ability to tip-toe your way through an assembly of shapes designed to destroy you is something you'll have to practice and hone. Our avoider games are available on mobile and desktop and will test your limits. So, learn your boundries and enforce them with extreme prejudice as you avoid enemy and obstacle alike on your way to the top of the crop. Be smart and avoid the obstacles not our games.