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this game is bad i fell off the map and it glitched i would've won so easily

1 month 3 weeks ago in Junon Imposter

this game could be really good, i think it'd be helpful if the map was labelled. i was having trouble as crewmate getting to my tasks as i did not know where i was going. the tasks are also not very intuitive, i think the areas where you're supposed to do tasks should be highlighted or indicated in a way in which i would know to do my tasks. another place that improvement could be made is the chat feature. i tried to say a certain word but asterisks came up instead. i feel this is a violation of my freedom of speech as well as censorship done in the aims of pushing the leftist agenda. there are ideas and concepts that i can only express with the use of certain language that may be seen as 'offensive' to others. i hope the makers of this game recognize my struggle and aim to improve this game in any way that it can. thank you for giving me a reason to wake up in the morning