Physics Games

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Don't let gravity get you down. 

Block Dodger

18 Holes

Pool Billiard

Maya Golf 2

Santa Runner

Crossy Cat

Beat Hop

Gemotrical Dash


Tricky Fox

Jack O Copter

Hefty Shaman


Super Orb Collector

Super Space Jump Man

Street Ball Star

Super Blue Boy Planet

Jumping Color

Kick Master

Tricky Cat

Keep Gannet Alive

Golf Blast

Jelly Up

Dunk A Lot

Comet Smash

Tricky Cow

Gravity Control

Shot Pong

Flip Duck

Punch Golf

Physics Games


What are the most popular Physics Games?

  1. Bowman 2
  2. Flight
  3. Red Remover
  4. Crush the Castle 2
  5. Stickman Swing
  6. Earn to Die Super Wheel
  7. Bubbles
  8. Flappybird Classic
  9. 3D Bowling
  10. Stupid Zombies

What are the best Physics Games to play on phones?

  1. Ring Fall
  2. Dunk A Lot
  3. Blue tk
  4. Golf Blast
  5. Jumping Color

What are Physics Games?

Physics games are games which challenge your hold on gravity. One of the ultimate challenges in gaming is whether or not you have a complete understading of the physics engines which drive your favorite games. Sometimes this will mean your ability to anticipate the speed and accuracey of a basket-ball or determine the potential distance of a golf ball. Perhaps you're trying to jump from platform to platform as they sway and move throughout the level. Whatever type of physics game you're playing the main obstacle will always be whether or not you as a player are able to understand, anticipate, and ultimately exploit the physics-engine of the game itself. Sometimes this will play out as a puzzle game where you need to launch objects into specific targets at specifics times, perhaps you are an archer who is trying to get a bullseye and must thus compensate for speed, distance, wind, and the almighty pull of gravity itself. Physics games can also take the form of a racing game where players are flying straight up and need to develop vehicles and engines which can best conquer the pull of gravity. The most common style of physics games is the launch game. In a launch game players will generally have catapoults, sling shots, canons, or trebuchets where they must toggle the horizontal and vertical axis in order to determine the most accurate shot to go the farthest or hit a target.