Stick Figure Games

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Stick figure games are unique games with simple stick figure animation. These online games focus more on the mechanics of the game versus having intricate artwork. There's shooters, fighting, and platform games that you can enjoy with simplistic animation. 

Infiltrating the Airship

Stealing the Diamond

Zassin: Stick Guy Assassin

Escaping the Prison

Stickman Dirtbike

Zombie Balloon Heads 3



Free Rider 3


Save the Dummy

I Feel Free

Level Editor 2


Champion Archer

How to Make a Game


March Mania!

March Mania

Ragdoll Parashooter

Clear Vision 4.5

Creative Kill Chamber

Potty Racers 2

Run 2 Live

Bobby Bob

Primary Assault


Stick Hero

Artillery Tower

Sneaky Sniper

Ragdoll Course 2

Cobra City

Stick Dude Killing Arena

March Mayhem

Save the Dummy Level Pack

Sift Heads World Act 5

Stick Figure games are games with stick figure animation. Go back to the basics with stick figure games on AddictingGames. Animation has come a long way and it’s definitely can be breathtaking in certain games. 3D graphics and realistic details in games are pretty astonishing these days but aren’t the game’s concept and mechanics just as important? That’s why some gamers prefer the simplistic and raw animation of stick figure games that are more focused on the game itself. There’s a variety of genres under this tag, from action to shooter games. Check out stick figure games like Spear Stickman where your objective is to throw a spear to kill your enemy. There’s also the casual game like Free Rider 2 where you can draw a path for your rider to go down. If you’re more interested in fighting, check out the classic action game Electric Man 2. If you’re looking for a platform game, try out FancyPants Adventure. Whatever the genre you want, this tag has it.

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