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Random games are funny and unique games that are outside of the box. From ridiculous quizzes to games with no objectives, random games are hilarious games that will give you a change of pace. 

Music Catch 2

Graphics Are Everything

Did You Know?


Don't Look Back

Tattoo Artist

Red Button Robot

I Made This

Run Elephant Run

Chain of Fire

Dibs Adventure to Mount Wafers

The Impossibly Hard Quiz 3

Escape From the Oval Office

Achievement Unlocked

Monsters Go Home

LoopyLoops Kitchen

Bacon Lettuce Tomato




Escape the Lion Cage

Naughty Beach

Ninja Glove

Test Your Patience

Insanity Box

Fowl Play

Zombie Typocalypse

GoGo Plant 2


Ragdoll Cannon 1.5


Save the Cheeseburger

Neon Layers



Rock & Roll Space Monkey

Random Games


What are the most popular Random Games?

  1. The Worlds Easyest Game
  2. Orbit
  3. Interactive Buddy
  4. Spank the Monkey
  5. Escape the Prison
  6. Color Pixel Art Classic
  7. Day D Tower Rush
  8. Stickman Swing
  9. Mutilate-a-Doll 2
  10. Corporation Inc.

What are the best Random Games to play on phones?

  1. Relaxr
  2. Color Pixel Art Classic
  3. Day D Tower Rush
  4. Stickman Swing
  5. Split Ball

What are Random Games?

Random games are silly and oddball games that don’t fit nicely into a specific genre. These games have concepts that are outside the box and will take you on a fun adventure. There are nonsensical quizzes, games without real rules, games with only one rule, simulation games, and funny games that have no objective. Take a chance with fun random games from AddictingGames! If you want a casual and funny game, check out I Don’t Even Game which is just a bunch of random tasks. If you want to try out your artistic skills, try out Tattoo Artist, where you have to draw in tattoos while keeping your customers happy. Love dogs? Dress My Pet is a fun and random game where you need to groom and dress up an adorable dog. Looking for a bit more of a challenge, This is the Only Level Too is a favorite platform game that requires you to go through the same level several times but with different twists for every turn. All of the games in this tag are really just random and you never know what you’re gonna get.

AddictingGames offers tons of other games to keep the fun coming. Check out stick figure games, cute shooter games, gross games, bloody games and much more!