Racing Games

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Racing games are games where you compete against other racers. Choose your favorite method of transportation and hop in already! Try to defeat other racers on the track in these thrilling racing games.


Red Driver 2

Escape the Speeding Car

Gone to the Dogs

Highway Madness

Potty Racers 3.4

Redline Rumble 4

Formula Racer 2012

Potty Racers 4

Grand Prix Tycoon

Redline Rumble Revolution

Full Auto Mayhem

Smash Palace

Fugitive Takedown

Modern Moto Racers

Burnin Rubber 2

Dream Car Racing

Slide Racing

Drag Racer v3

Burning Wheels

Motorcycle Tycoon

Destroy All Cars

Heat Rush


Max Dirt Bike 2

Marina Races

Potty Racers

Stunt Dirt Bike 2

Kamikaze Race

Extreme Trucks 2

Drag Race Demon 2

Skid Pan

T-Zero TurboX

Ski Runner

Mad Truckers

High Speed Chase

Racing Games


What are the most popular Racing Games?

  1. Potty Racers
  2. 4 Wheel Madness
  3. Addicting Smash Racing
  4. Drag Racer v3
  5. Getaway Driver 3D
  6. 3D Desert Racer
  7. Endless Truck
  8. Drive Space
  9. Wasteland Trucker
  10. Arcade Racer 3D

What are the best Racing Games to play on phones?

  1. Zombie Road
  2. Street Driver
  3. Endless Truck
  4. Burger Ran
  5. Deadly Road

What are Racing Games?

Racing games are games where the objective is to win a race. Most of the games are races between cars, but you’ll find that you can race against other vehicles like motorcycles, monster trucks, bikes, and even potties! There are games where you can design your own vehicle and there are other games where you can race in a neon world. If you've got a need for speed, AddictingGames has a library full of exciting pedal-to-the-medal racing games! Check out hot titles like Drag Racer v3 and Moto Rush for challenging tracks and stiff competition. Looking for something a little bit of a twist? Check out AutoWars where the objective isn’t only to race but to destroy the competition with weapons that you can equip to your vehicle. If you’re a fan of the sea, there’s also Marina Races which is an aquatic race between boats that sometimes ventures on to land. Whatever or whoever you want to race against, you’ll find in the AddicitngGames’ racing tag. Jump in the car and turn the key! 

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