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Brainteaser and quizzes are games for players who want to test their skills and knowledge. Exercise your mind with these intricate puzzles and quizzes that will make you think outside of the box. 

Catch the Rats 2

Barry Lost His Marbles

Rolling Tires

Smarty Race

Toy Store Escape

Save the Penguin

Undead Survival Test

Lost Head

Laser Cannon

Omega Enfo Bla

Me and the Key 2

Red Menace

Visible III

Cheat Death

Helmet Bombers 2

Picture of Dorian Grey

Directed Blocks

Tipping Point 4

The True Tale of Brown Beard



Lab Rat: Quest for Cheese

5X Man

Melon Rulz

Catch the Star 2

Spite Cannon

Tombscape 2


Save My Robotos

Bird Escape

Steam and Brass

This Is the Only Level Too


Doodle God

Life Ark 5

Best Friends Forever 3