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Brainteaser and quizzes are games for players who want to test their skills and knowledge. Exercise your mind with these intricate puzzles and quizzes that will make you think outside of the box. 

Wood Slide

Tricky Demolition

Tasty Way

Sliding Escape

Monsters Boom!

Math Missile

King of Math


Happy Connect

Delivery 2 Planet

Darwinism 2048

City Connect 2


Hidden Crown Escape Game

Meal or No Meal?

The Prince Edward



Call Me Young Kaleido

Candy Ride

The Hunter of Maze

Vase Smasher

Red Warrior


G-Switch 3

Tiny King

Jungle Forest Escape Game 2

Wheely 7: Detective

Sweet Jelly

Pheus and Mor

Fantasy Monster Rescue Game

Monster Hand

Puzzle Ball

Catch It

Cola Factory

Lightybulb Round 3