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Sugar, Sugar

Isoball 3

Tattoo Artist 3


Park My Plane

Parking Frenzy



Jelly Blocks

Bombay Taxi

Jedi Trainer 2.2.1

360 Snake

City Jumper


Obstacle Games


What are the most popular Obstacle Games?

  1. Stickman Swing
  2. Knives
  3. Slush.io
  4. Pull the Pin
  5. Line Color
  6. BoxMan
  7. Jump Monkey
  8. Fallerz.io
  9. Kamikaze Rush
  10. GolfRoyale.io

What are the best Obstacle Games to play on phones?

  1. Parapals
  2. Spore
  3. Hardest Maze on Earth
  4. Punch Golf
  5. Street Driver

What are Obstacle Games?

Obstacle games are free games. Life, like gaming, would be a lot easier if there weren't so many obstacles but it probably wouldn't be as fun. All games are about overcoming one obstacle or another but games in the obstacle category distill this concept to its purest form. Whether you are dodging blocks, side-stepping spheres, or defelcting detractors, you'll find your favorite kind of obstacle games here. Some of these games are puzzle games that will require you to figure out a particular way around specific obstacles. Sometimes you'll find yourself dodging falling blocks, shooting stars, and deadly dots, but no matter what the specific one thing remains the same: you must avoid, overcome, and dominate. Our collection of free obstacle games will have you dodging, blocking, ducking, and jumping through various levels. And just like in life you will be rewarded for overcoming your obstacles, for out-playing the other gamers, and keeping your head down and your eyes on the prize. Obstacle games are the ultimate escape and we have curated this list of the newest and the best obstacle games out there for you to play on desktop or on your mobile device for whenever you're ready to win.