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Gross games are games for players with a strong stomach. There's vomit, guts, and other grotesque elements that would make any normal person nauseous. If you don't get grossed out easily, check out gross games here on AddictingGames.

Effing Zombies

Escape from Hell

Shark Bait

Zombie Infestation: Strain 116

Potty Racers

Here to Collect



Stick Mini Games

Days 2 Die

Planet ZtinQ

MORT the Sniper

Tattoo Artist

Dum Dum and the Iron Golem

Chain of Fire


Monkey Groomer

Fowl Play


Killer Whale

Pandemic 2

Spitball Warrior

Save the Cheeseburger

Zombie Weeners

Dead Frontier Night 3

Skunk Blaster

13 Days In Hell

Explosion of Earwax

Dead Frontier 1

Zombie Golf Riot

Carious Weltling 2 Regurgitated

Ant Buster

Fuzzy McFluffenstein 2

Sugandhi - Fart Toss

Santa FartyPants

Amoeba Amoeba

Gross games are games that aren’t for gamers who have sensitive stomachs. They have gore, vomit, blood, potties, and much more disgusting concepts. If you're looking for nasty fun, AddictingGames offers a library full of gross games that keep you gaming and your stomach churning! There are so many genres to pick from in gross games from action to strategy and even puzzle games. The main trait they all share is that they will surely make you nauseous!  Check out the time-management restaurant game, Cannibal Cuisine, where you have to cook up human parts for customers. Looking for something more thought-provoking? Try out Horror Hospital Escape which is an escape set in a scary and gory hospital. Still not gross enough? Play Poo Dodger which is a game where you have to, you guessed it, dodge poo. Are you a vegetarian? Then check out Slaughterhouse Escape Deluxe which is an action game in which you lead a pig to safety before it ends up as bacon! Whatever the genre, gross games has a disgusting match for you! 
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