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Flying games are games about flying airplanes, helicopters, spaceships, and even dragons. Fly across the sky or soar into the universe in these exciting action-packed games on AddictingGames. 

Air Heads


Bird Flight

Night Raptor

The Last Wave

Sky Boarder III




Space Explorer

FlashTrek: Romulan Wars

Behind Enemy Lines


Balloon Duel

The Cave of Death

Raging Flight


Mars Fighter (teaser)

Air Dodge

DTunnel 3D

The Wing

Bomber Fortress

Star Fighter Duel

FlashTrek: Assault

Starship Seven


Bob`s Adventure

Bump Copter 2

Brighton Bounty Hunter

Ninja Air Combat

Battle of the Bob

Helicopter Game

SSG Platinum 2.0


FlashWars: Star Wars Game


Flying games are games that include any kind of flying character or transportation that plays into the concept of the game. There’s planes, helicopters, spaceships, rockets, paper planes, birds, and even potties. Yes, you heard us right. We said potties. These games vary from serious action shooter games to funny puzzle games. Prepare for takeoff as you power up exciting flying games on AddictingGames! Check out the silly and old school game, Potty Racers 2, where you race against flying potties. There are also vertical flight games with shooter elements like Navel Fighter. Additionally, there are also more casual puzzle games like Aircraft Lander, where your job is to navigate a plane to its landing. Maybe you’re more into flying mythical creatures? In that case, you can check out Rage of the Dragon 2 where your job is to destroy all of Europe. Also check out one of our childhood classics, Flight, where you navigate a paper airplane through unusual obstacles. Whatever kind of flight or flying game you’re looking for, it’s here. Get your plane ticket and join us already!

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