Flying Games

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Flying games are games about flying airplanes, helicopters, spaceships, and even dragons. Fly across the sky or soar into the universe in these exciting action-packed games on AddictingGames. 

Ravens Flight

Rocket Booster

UFO Mania

Strikers 1945 Flash

UFO Rescue

Aliens Land

Flames of Fury

Power Copter


Overkill Apache

Red Plane

Alien Abductions

Turtle Flight

Sky Fire


Dangerous Dave & Brutal Bob

Cyber Ortek Flier

Metal Wrath

Finding Beltazar

Drakojan Skies 3

Helyx Commando

UFO 101

Space Fighters Revolution

Armada Assault 1

Drakojan Skies

Moon Cave

Lander X

Armada Assault


Clash'N Slash

Tunnel 2

Bump Copter

Outer Space

Zero Hunt: Ch.1

Asteroids Duel

Air Heads