Fighting Games

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Fighting games are action games that require you to go up against another skilled opponent. Choose your weapon and fight against hordes of zombies in a shooter game or defend your kingdom in a tower-defense game. There's an entire library of fighting games on AddictingGames to choose from.

Mascot Kombat

Monster Joust Madness

Stickman Steve II

Bowmaster Prelude


Fierce Fighter

ThingThing Arena 2

Amoeba Amoeba

A Halloween Horror

Year of the Snake

Armor Heroes 2

Have a Nice Day

Bloody Blades


Ninja Pirate Cave Raid

A Parting Shot


Zombie Survival SM

Stealth Hunter

Nightmare Kingdom

Athalina RPG

Prince of War

Gavin the Golf Pro Goblin 2


Soccer Thugs

Thing-Thing 3

Throw Ancient Stuff

Gladiator: Castle Wars

Kingdom Fire

Gavin the Golf Pro Goblin

Thing-Thing Arena

Armor Dude

Wink: The Game

Aeternus Lamnia

Thing-Thing 2

Vitisus Rage

Fighting Games


What are the most popular Fighting Games?

  1. Electric Man 2
  2. Raft Wars
  4. Zombocalypse
  5. Kingdom Rush
  8. Kingdom Rush Frontiers
  9. Feudalism 2
  10. Bowman

What are the best Fighting Games to play on phones?

  3. Zombies vs Halloween
  4. Zombie Massacre
  5. Ultra Mech Fights

What are Fighting Games?

Fighting games are action-packed games that let you throw it down here on AddictingGames! Fighting games consist of any genre that involves battling against opponents like zombies, robots, gangsters, aliens, soldiers, and much more!. It could be a fast-paced platform game in which you have to get to your destination or a more casual shooter game in which you have to hit all your targets. There’s everything in this genre like your favorite tower-defense game, Kingdom Rush, and your favorite shooter game, Sniper Team. Fighting games are the best therapy to let out your frustrations against a fictional character. Don’t hold back when it comes to these games and demolish your opponent! You can be a secret agent having to take out a villain or a hero from a feudal era taking out orc invaders! We even have car games that involve running over zombies like Earn to Die 2: Exodus and classic stickman games like Stick Trinity. Pick your weapon of choice and you’ll find a game that includes it! Warning, there may be a lot of blood...

If you're looking for even more fighting, we offer tons of other game types to choose from. Check out naughty games, bloody games, war games, io games, and zombie games.