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Escape games are exciting adventure games that require detective skills to escape a room or building. Find hidden clues or use random items to escape out of an office or haunted hospital building in these escaped-themed online games. 

Cleopatra's Escape

Cube Escape: Birthday

Don't Escape 3

Don't Escape

Don't Escape 2: The Outbreak

The Watcher's Chamber

The Deepest Sleep

Abandoned: The Cube Chambers

Dogs in Space


Empty Room Escape

In The Dark Dark Place

Escape The Game

Breaker 2092

Escape the Car

Nekra Psaria Part 4

Cube Escape: The Mill

Trick or Treat Adventure Quest

Cube Escape: Harvey's Box

Viking's Escape

Cube Escape: Arles

Blackbeard's Escape

Cube Escape: Seasons

Nekra Psaria Part 3

Catastrophe Escape

Nekra Psaria Part 2

Escape the Office 2015

Crusaders Escape

Bear Escape

Deeper Sleep

Escaping the Prison

Escape the Office

Escape From The Mall


Horror Hospital Escape

Escape From Detention