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Dress-up games are cute and funny games where you can choose stylish clothes for a character, celebrity, or dog! Channel your inner fashionista skills and choose the nicest attire for your character to head to the club or concert in these cute dress-up games.

Dress Up Hillary

Vera Wang Spring Wedding Dressup

Layering Dress Up

The Bubble Dress Up

Denim Rocks Dress Up

Skinny Jeans & Boots Dress Up

Diwata Dress Up

Halloween Costume Dress Up

Carmela Sutera Wedding Dress Up

Create a Ride

Dress Up Games


What are the most popular Dress Up Games?

  1. Stylish Girl
  2. Create a Ride
  3. Hollywood Rising Star
  4. Hollywood StyleMaker
  5. Naughty Supermarket
  6. Dress Code Nightclub
  7. Dressy Woman
  8. Make Me Over
  9. Fun in the Sun
  10. Fashion Expo

What are Dress Up Games?

Dress-Up Games are games for the fashionista in all of us. You might not always feel fabulous but with our selection of dress-up games like Karaokee Dress-Up and Dressy Woman at least you can fake it! Most games have the option to upgrade or customize the look of your player avatar but you still have to play through a boring level after boring level in order to grind and earn what. you need to buy the outfits and accessories you deserve. Dress-Up Games have distilled the best part of gaming to its very essence. Now, instead of having to spend hours actually playing a game you can just settle in and customize your avatar with any kind of items or accessories you want, and when you're done you can just start all over again. No fuss and no muss. This is what makes games like Make Me Over so fun and so exciting.  Ultimately a lot of people consider themselves fans of video games, but, do they ask themselves if its the games or the customization they love? We know that if you love fashion, fun, and looking fabulous. You will absolutely love our selection of dress-up games.