Cute Shooters Games

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Cute-shooter games are shooter games with cute characteristics. Enjoy cute characters like pandas and penguins with more casual genres like marble shooters and basketball. Take a break from blood and gore with our collection of cute shooter games.


Santa Xmas Nightmare

Bloons Tower Defense 4

The Great Escape

Attracting Twist

Bloons Insanity


Bubble Blaster

NooBoo Mary the Witch Queen

Imperial Man

Bowja 3: Ninja Kami

Shoofender Deluxe

Bunny Charm

Sling Wars 2

Hedgehog Launch 2

Flash Gear

Flying Squirrel


Billy and the Shootgun


Battle for Terra: TERRAtron

Guns and Angel

Bubble Cannon

Contrast Cannon

Bubble Master

Panda Tactical Sniper 2

Dibs Adventure to Mount Wafers

Panda Tactical Sniper

Cannon Blaster 3

Bowja the Ninja 2

Bloons Players Pack 5

JVC Stinger Sniper


Animal Wars

StarShine 2

Panda Pop