Cute Shooters Games

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Cute-shooter games are shooter games with cute characteristics. Enjoy cute characters like pandas and penguins with more casual genres like marble shooters and basketball. Take a break from blood and gore with our collection of cute shooter games.

Seagull Story

Kill the Wabbits

Alien SOS

Ricochet Kills 2


Flaming Zombooka


Arch Rivals

War within Paper

Totem Breaker

Alphabet Shoot

Paint War

Bloons Super Monkey

Balloon in a Wasteland

Paper Warfare

Demolition Dude

Cute Destroyer

Color Tanks

Shotgun vs Zombies

Fierce Fashion Agents

Toe Nail Wheel 2

Carrot Defense

Max Damage 3

Smiley Showdown 2


Hell On Duty

The Legend of Cat Lee

Frozen Gunballs

Edward & the Strange Invasion

Stop GMO 2

Candy Beasts

Paper Cannon

Penguin Destroyer

Bubble Tanks Tower Defense