Cute Shooters Games

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Cute-shooter games are shooter games with cute characteristics. Enjoy cute characters like pandas and penguins with more casual genres like marble shooters and basketball. Take a break from blood and gore with our collection of cute shooter games.


Bat Country

Watermelon Bomb

Super Wicked Awesome

Blobs Hunter

Saloon Shootout

Buttonheads 2

Very Irritating Things

Penguins Clash

Nuclear Ragdoll

Cupcake Crusaders

Barry Lost His Marbles

Zooking Christmas

Shoot and Ski

Cannibal Casserole

Chaos Invaders

Laser Cannon

Pirates vs Ninjas

Bunny Flags

Giraffe Got Game

Squishy Fish

Stitchland Conflict


Garden Inventor

Stoneage Blast

Gibbets 2

Catch the Star 2

Spaceman vs Medieval Zombies

Spite Cannon

Doodle Balls


Crash Test Launcher

Infinity Forever

Thanks Tanks

Max Damage 2

Zombie Balloon Heads